QuikStop Safe Service Guidelines

We ask that you stay in the vehicle throughout the entire service.

  • We will direct you into the bay just as we have done in the past.
  • To communicate, we will ask you to partially open your window. One to 2 inches is adequate. Technicians greeting you will be wearing masks.
  • With your car still running and with your assistance, we will inspect all your lights to make sure they are working properly.
  • We will then ask you to turn off your vehicle. For added safety, we will ask you to put your keys on your dash so they can be seen by the technician. This will help to ensure there are no inappropriate starts.
  • We will verbally ask your name, address, and email and confirm your current mileage. We will also help you reset your oil change warning light at this time.
  • During the service, we will ask you to start your vehicle so we can be sure everything is operating correctly.
  • Again, we will ask you to turn off your vehicle and place your keys on the dashboard.
  • At this time we are only accepting Credit Cards. All payments will be conducted using sterile gloves which will be used once and disposed of after each transaction.
  • After the payment is processed we will direct your exit from the bay.


Your service should take no longer than usual.



Each service performed at a QuikStop location includes a 15 point inspection of your vehicle to ensure proper operation.


Our trained and certified technicians will properly service your vehicle using replacement parts and fluids required specifically by the automobile manufacturer.


Looking for a technician you can trust? Look no further! We’re the most friendly, honest Quick Service team in the area.

Our technicians go through extensive training. Graduating from not only the QuikStop Oilube Certification course but also the National AOCA Certification program. With our highly trained technicians, we offer an unparalleled, unique and exceptional service to our customers.

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